Solving a Biker Girl’s Nightmare: Finding the Perfect Pair of Gloves

It’s always been hard to find motorcycling gear for women. Sure, moto jackets may be all the rage, but finding a nice fitting jacket that you can really take on the road if you bike is next to impossible. This can be understood, partly because motorcycling is not usually thought of by designers to be a woman’s game.

But increasingly it is. More and more women have taken up motorcycling all over the world, and biker clubs for women have sprouted all over the four corners of the earth.

But there is one constantly difficult thing to find for us biker chicks. No words can explain how difficult it is to find motorcycle gloves for women. More often than not, we always end up buying ill-fitting gloves that were designed for men, just to get any sort of benefit from using motorcycle gloves for their function.

Even your local motorcycle gear stores rarely carry any motorcycle gloves for women. And when they do, it’s always limited to 2 or 3 pairs, and all of them are either ill-fitting up around the fingers, and buying a size bigger than what is perfect for your palm often ends up being a baggy, oversized mess.

The case is especially true if your hands are somewhere around being small with short fingers, or thin, slender, and long-fingered hands. It really is a mindbender of all ages.

Finding the perfect fitting motorcycle gloves for a woman’s delicate, slender hands can be a nightmare for biker chicks, but fear not. We’ve come up with the top three gloves that are guaranteed to provide you all the protection that a biker needs, without sacrificing the elegance, style, and bad-assery that’s associated with them.

1. Stella Vika Gloves, $89.95

For my money, this is the perfect entry-level motorcycling glove for beginning biker girls. Many riding gloves tend to look bulky, cumbersome, and too loud for style, while fashion gloves just wouldn’t work for riding. The Stella Vika is a perfect combination of both style and substance, and is a guaranteed perfect fit for slender and long-fingered women. Its sleek, supple, leather construction is flexible and very comfortable, and its zipper enclosure goes perfect with those chic moto jackets that are all the rage nowadays.

2. REV’IT! Jerez Gloves, $289.99

This is for the serious biker chick; Stellar gloves provide the utmost in riding protection, and they are seriously designed for premium protection for racers. They provide extremely tight grip, while retaining their lightweight feel. They guarantee protection all-year round regardless of what conditions you normally ride in. They cost a pretty penny, but if you’re dead serious about getting protection for your races, your street rides, and your track rides. A men’s small is usually perfect for most women; snug and tight all around. Talk about a Moto GP level racing glove!

3. REV’IT! Summit H2O Women’s Gloves, $134.99

If you aren’t a GP-level biker, and just want extra protection while keeping the simple elegance that black leather gloves offer, then the Summit H2O is just right for you. Its cuff closure ensures that you get the nice, tight feel that riding gloves should have, with a wrist fastener for extra snugness. It’s probably the best option for those who want a little more protection than the Stellar Vika offers, while retaining the appeal that a Stellar Vika has. That being said, it’s one of the best moto gloves you can find at its price point – which is a rarity for women’s motorcycle gloves. Grab it while you still can.

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