Do you like playing with electronics?

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If you’re the type of person who likes to spend time playing with electronic devices and trying to figure out how they work, you might be well-suited to a career in electrical engineering. You may be in constant trouble at home and school for taking apart remote controls, air ... Continue Reading

Life after booze

Life after booze Life after booze
Growing up in western countries, it’s pretty hard not to be touched in some way by the drinking culture. Alcohol has been part of cultures as varied as those of pre-colonial America, China, Greece and Rome. It’s a major part of European identities. In the US alone, the alcoholic ... Continue Reading

40 and fat – what now?

40 and fat 40 and fat
One of the things about getting fat is that it happens gradually, almost unnoticeably. As we get older we’re constantly warned about the consequences of our poor lifestyle choices, and yet we pay scant regard. It’s always easier to say “I’ll get in shape for summer”, or “I’ll give ... Continue Reading

How to be cool at middle school

How to be cool at middle school How to be cool at middle school
When you graduated from elementary school, you left behind a carefree, fun environment in which nobody really cared too much about what each other looked like, how we talked, what music we liked and what sports we played. We just played along together and it was fun. You liked ... Continue Reading

Where digital nomads settle down

Where digital nomads settle down Where digital nomads settle down
‘Digital nomad’ is a popular term which refers to people who spend their lives on the road, working online. They are often freelance web designers, programmers or travel writers. Occasionally they may be employees – those whose bosses finally had enough of their faces and allowed them to work ... Continue Reading

An alternative to unhealthy snacks

alternative to unhealthy snacks alternative to unhealthy snacks
Everyone knows the moment – perhaps you get a whiff of someone else’s cooking or you spot someone taking a bite of a chocolate bar. There’s still an hour or more until lunch or dinner and you want to eat! I’m not going to try to discourage you from ... Continue Reading

Affordable Instruments for Everyone

Electric Guitar Electric Guitar
Lots of us have dreamed of being able to play the guitar or a keyboard, but have always been put off by the cost surrounding the initial outlay involved. These worries need not be a problem, lots of manufacturers are producing good quality instruments at very good prices. Here ... Continue Reading
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